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Launching Soon:

WHITE GIRL WITHIN: The perfect book for your radically evolved identity.

This is the perfect book to inspire LGBTQ+ Youth – and other readers seeking to refine and hone their identity self-reflection skills while learning how to better understand their radically evolved states of identity.

White Girl Within Is the story of my improbable and inconvenient identity journey that comes with an interactive resource for readers to grow in their own understanding of their identities – particularly when that truth is "the opposite of everything." Engage with the probing questions to unlock your internalized mysteries and enhance your understanding of the world around you. 


As an added value, I’m offering educators, nonprofits, and other "based" people who order multiple copies the opportunity to connect with me via free virtual discussions.

You can learn more - including how to score a $.99 copy of White Girl Within - by submitting the “Keep Me Updated” form.

White Girl Within Pre-Order Form

Regardless of how uncanny your authentic identity may seem – I hope that by disclosing my improbable and inconvenient story, you will access all of the appropriate supports and eventually grow to represent your truth at the right time.


No artist exists in a vacuum and I want to first thank Jacquelyn Mitchard (author of Deep End of the Ocean and the first inductee into the Oprah Winfrey Book Club) and Alissa Nutting (author of Made for Love) for helping to equip me with the tools to make White Girl Within possible.

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