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Have you Checked out My Youtube Channel?

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

My name is Dr. Ronnie Gladden and I am a speaker, educator, actor, and author. My commitment has steadfastly remained to improve diversity and inclusion. I believe this must be done both in schools and in businesses on an international level.

My doctorate is in education from Northern Kentucky University (in addition to several other degrees,) and I harness this education and experience to implement a teaching philosophy that focuses on enriching my students’ understanding of their worlds.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that I will be bringing this philosophy to a broader context. Before we get into my youtube channel and the videos I will produce, I wanted to take a moment to tell you why you should even care.

Here is a little bit more about myself!

Services and Topics

I am proud to offer coaching, consulting, and training on a variety of topics, including:

● Gender inclusion and equity

● Anti-racism in schools

● Intersectionality

● Identity and expression

● Trauma and resilience

● Cultural competency

My diversity and inclusion curriculum is fostering reconciliation and empowerment in schools, businesses, and communities across the globe. Now, I’m bringing that experience directly to the viewer through my new channel.

Gaining Valuable Insight through Digital Media

My expertise is in educating and creating a community of inclusion and safety. While I would like to make my way through every school, community, and neighborhood to speak, train, or consult, I simply can’t be in a million different places at once.

If you’re interested in learning more about the content I speak on but don’t have time to book a session with me, check out my Youtube channel. It is a great resource to turn to, full of topics that are regularly discussed during my events and will help educate you and your community on a wide range of concepts.

Work with Dr. Ronnie

I am pleased to speak at many different kinds of events, with a particular focus on these four areas:

Middle schools and high schools

I can speak at K-12 schools (usually middle schools and high schools) about diversity, equity, and inclusion. When I come in, I provide a dynamic perspective that invites students to engage with topics that are normally challenging to address in schools. These include hot-button topics such as race, gender, intersectionality, and LGBTQ+ themes.

Higher education

These issues continue well beyond k-12 and so do my services. I am also available to speak on the same topics at universities and other institutions of higher learning. For many people, their time at college or university is a critical time of growth during which they begin to ask questions about who they are and the way they engage with the world.

I can use my expertise to help guide students through this transitional period by speaking on topics of identity and diversity. Additionally, I am to build up each individual by highlighting the importance of celebrating what makes you different.

We are not all the same, we are all our own beings and that’s what makes life beautiful. It should be celebrated, even at a time when the pressure to “fit in” is likely at its highest point in your life.


I also specialize in diversity, equity, and inclusion training for businesses. I can empower your organization to create better interpersonal dynamics by offering a nuanced approach to acknowledging potentially divisive topics like race, gender, and divergent identities.

Youth and family non-profits

Another area that I serve is community non-profits centered around youth and family. Allow me to collaborate with your organization to carefully address the most pressing issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion that affect all of our communities.

Where Else Can I Find Dr. Ronnie’s Content?

Even if you aren’t hosting an event for your school, business, or community, you can still take advantage of my new educational materials. I believe my message and my expertise is bigger than an appearance fee and that’s why I am making all of it available on Youtube.

Join me periodically as I tap into the major topics that I cover elsewhere. Come and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual and see how life can be when you embrace you that was always there. Only then is it truly possible to live the life you were meant to live.

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