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This isn’t just about Ronnie’s journey. With this book, you also get a robust resource section to better chart your personal journey, engage in group conversations, and so much more.

 Live Discussion with the Author!

Join in a conversation about White Girl Within with the author, Ronnie Gladden, at 12:00 pm EDT on Wednesday, January 18, 2023. Text “WGWQ&A” to 647.558.9895 to register.

Host a Free Virtual Group Discussion With the Author!

$500+ Value!

Ronnie Gladden will facilitate a 35-40 minute discussion with your group on the topic of your choice. 


The content in this book is ground breaking. There’s a lot to process, whether you’re navigating your own radical identities, or looking to support others. That’s why I’m offering to hold a free 1-hour facilitated discussion with any group of 10 or more readers!


This bonus offer is limited to groups of 10 or more. Act soon - this bonus won’t last forever.


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Bonus Offer

White Girl Within tells the dramatic tale of my journey to process my own radically evolved state to help others do the same. This book tells the story through dreams, dramatic re-enactments, semi-autobiographical reflections, and social critique. 


This book is structured as a series of letters between my outer identity as a Black male and the “White girl” I feel within myself. Alongside this, readers can expect stories of chance encounters with key individuals — including a controversial and widely-known transracial figure.


Each one of us experiences a narrow sliver of humanity — I hope my story can add to the rich mosaic of humanity and encourage you to discover yours. 


What will it take for Ronnie to transition from the Black man on the outside to better understand his repressed white female identity?

What Does it Take to Process Radically Evolved Identities?

Praise for White Girl Within

An unprecedented and moving first-person narrative about growing up transgracial– both transgender and transracial. With candor and courage, White Girl Within lays bare the struggle and journey of an inner White girl who clamors for self-expression behind a Black male exterior. A must-read for anyone whose identity remains socially unrecognized.


— Rebecca Tuvel, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Philosophy


My groundbreaking work has found itself featured in POPSUGAR, Yahoo!, and the Netflix documentary: The Rachel Divide. Now, it’s available to you and your group at no additional cost.


Through this, I will virtually meet with you and your community to engage in dialogue around these topics. We can pick a section of my book, a specific issue to discuss, or go over exercises and applications of the book.


This is on top of the added resource section at the end that can aid you on your journey of self-discovery. 


I wrote White Girl Within because I wanted to nurture authentic identity in a variety of forms throughout the world. Now, I want to put my money where my mouth is and offer my time, free of charge, for groups that are growing together.


Let’s gather virtually and discuss the topics that can help us to evolve as a species of respect and understanding. I look forward to speaking with you and your group soon!

Facilitated Discussions with Dr. Ronnie
Facilitated Discussions with Dr. Ronnie



Dr. Ronnie Gladden is a motivational speaker, actor, tenured professor, and author. They have a history of speaking on diversity and inclusion to groups of all sizes and types. 


Dr. Ronnie holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Northern Kentucky University, defending and publishing their dissertation on diversity leadership and intersectionality.


In addition to this book and his work as a motivational speaker, Dr. Ronnie has appeared on:

Yeukai Podcast


Dan Talks Podcast


While my intent when writing was for the youth and young adults, several organizations can benefit from reading this book as a group. Some of the communities that I have worked with in the past to nurture diversity include:


School is hard enough on its own. As society continues to disregard identities and orientations, the added pressure can feel overwhelming.


Help the youth in your care or the people taking care of them to better understand what it means to take control of your identity.


Questions of gender and identity are extremely common after high school. Educators and students alike can find value in better acquainting themselves with these topics.


Looking to better understand the world around you as a company? This book is a fantastic way to broaden your knowledge and grow as a team.


You don’t need to be in a dedicated organization to have an interest in personal growth. Gather some friends together and grow as a group while learning about each of you individually.

Who is this for?


For inquiries related to press and publicity, please email 

Don’t miss out on the Launch Day Special! Join a launch-day discussion with the author of White Girl Within!

Text “WGWQ&A” to 647.558.9895 to register for the conversation with White Girl Within author Ronnie Gladden at 12:00 pm EDT on Wednesday, January 18, 2023.

  • Can I still redeem this offer if I live outside of the US?
    Yes, you can! Figuring out the time difference may get tricky but we can make it work! Simply follow this process to get things going.
  • What is the book like?
    The book itself has four parts and an invitation for a small application at the end. The book begins with a narrative section where my subconscious and I exchange letters with one another. Within the pages of the book, you’ll find four parts: The identity I have inside speaks (Subconscious Dialogue) I respond (Conscious Dialogue) We communicate together through the chaos (Subconscious + Conscious Dialogues) A robust resource section and guided content.
  • Can I choose what parts of the book we talk about?
    Simply schedule a planning call to determine the discussions that will work best for your group. After you complete your order, fill out the form and I’ll reach out to schedule a planning call what works best for you and your group!
  • Can I Schedule More Than One Call?
    Ronnie is available for additional sessions as well. We can discuss the options that are best for your group during our planning call.
  • When will we meet for our facilitated discussions?
    After you claim your offer, you’ll be provided with a scheduling link for a planning call. During this session, we will pick the best time and topics for your group. This will take into consideration the amount of time it will take for all participants to get ready for the conversation.
  • My question is about something else
    No worries! Let us know what you need by email. Contact Lauren Ball or and we can make sure you get taken care of!
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