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Here's the perfect book for your radically evolved identity. Pre-orders for my upcoming book White Girl Within: Letters of Self-Discovery Between a Transgender and Transracial Black Man and his Inner Female are set to go live on Sept. 18th!


In this work, I highlight my identity truth trek through a series of letters between my Black male reality and my internalized white female identity. Along the way, I grant the reader exclusive access to watershed moments and memories from my long journey to realization and acceptance.


Additionally, I provide an interactive resource for readers to grow in their understanding and ask probing questions about themselves and the world around them. My goal in writing this book is to inspire readers – especially LGBTQ+ Youth – to refine and hone their self-reflection skills while learning how to better understand their radically evolved states of identity.


By disclosing my improbable and inconvenient story, I hope I will encourage you to do the same – however it may look. No artist exists in a vacuum and I want to first thank Jacquelyn Mitchard (author of Deep End of the Ocean and the first inductee into the Oprah Winfrey Book Club) and Alissa Nutting (author of Made for Love) for helping provide me the tools to make this possible.


Details highlighting additional tiered offerings with the book will launch soon. Also, you’ll learn how to potentially speak directly with me while reading White Girl Within. If you’re interested in being among the first to see my story in writing – and to have the chance to score a FREE COPY of White Girl Within, fill out the form below and we’ll update you when pre-orders open up!